M-THR33 LIVE!!! | #A3C Competition 

#A3C CIRCUIT TOUR | Saturday June 21st @ Prophet Bar (Deep Ellum)

Showcases featuring the top freshman in Dallas (including Rhythm The M3!) & special performances by AdD+ & The Outfit, Tx

Judges: OG Ron C (Chop Stars) / Steve Bawlser (RedBull) / JKruz (97.9 The Beat) / Jesse Porter / Young Starr & Kiki J (K104) will host the event and help select the best performer of the night.

Hosted by @topshelfshows | @coolbeingsjp | @CosignMag

Powered by ReverbNation.com | HipHopDx.com | SonicBids.com
All for a chance to perform at #A3C Festival in Atlanta,GA!

Be there! Be a part of history!

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