Back from a long life journey

Hola familia, 

I have been hit with some real life loss in the family. I am very saddened to inform you all that my older brother and pioneer of my musical journey Ramiro "Milo" Gutierrez passed away recently due a serious illness. Milo was more than just a brother to me. He came to every show. Every major event in my life. Supported every dream I ever had. Taught me more than anyone I'll ever meet. Pain is inevitable when you lose someone this important, but I can't help but feel an overwhelming gratitude for everything he was and will forever be. I as write this to you now after a long time gone from social media, I post this to let you know that I'm ok. In his last days he expressed to me that he wanted me to continue to work with music so in his honor I will do just that, because he taught me that a challenge is an opportunity to prove your true strength, and this is truly the greatest challenge I've ever faced in my life, to deal with the overbearing emotion of losing my mentor, my idol, my father figure, my brother. Milo te amo bro, rest in peace, we will catch up one day! ? 

*To all my family, friends and fans; Thank you for everything, all the words, all the support and all the love that you've given and shared with me. I'm working on new music and soon enough I will make my return, for now keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Stay blessed and don't forget to love those around you. Life is as good as we allow it to be and love goes as far as we allow it to go. Much love familia -M3

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